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Week 71 Quarantine: Song Service ≠ Worship ‽

Just to make sure…

≠ means ‘does not equal’.

‽ the interrobang means ‘a blended question (?) and exclamation point (!), to signify a forceful question (‽)’.

Quarantine week 71… yeah, it’s still on.

Looks like the ‘pent up’ folks who couldn’t do their live-music sets in churches everywhere have roared back, pushing a ferocious agenda…

“Isn’t it great that WORSHIP is back? We’re back! Our song-gig is back! We couldn’t WORSHIP for soooo long! Well, we’re back, our 45-minute song-service is back, which means… WORSHIP is back!”

(collection from ‘worship Facebook posts)


Sorry, boys and girls… some important news from Heaven…

WORSHIP never stopped… in Heaven, on the Earth.

Even for a Pandemic.

Real WORSHIP… God-worship… is what Worshipers do.

The God-worshipers didn’t skip a beat during the Quarantine.

(like, mine did a deep-dive into His Presence…!)

The God-Worship of Heaven is an eternal thing. (You know, the worship in Revelations isn’t something that happens after the drama on earth closes… even the Scriptures call out that it was before the foundations of the earth [Rev 13]…)

You think that your song service IS the whole landscape of WORSHIP ‽

Song Service ≠ Worship.

Just to clarify… yes, a God-worshiper can attend a song-service, and enter into moments of WORSHIP during that song-service. However, real God-worshipers WORSHIP continually.

It’s a totally modern idea that a Christian would go thru their week, and only (only!) ‘worship’ for 30-45 minutes on a Saturday night or Sunday morning, while the house band plays their song-service set.

Biblically, that’s like calling the snack of a few soda crackers a luscious and fully-set buffet table of the finest food available.

Somehow, ‘worship bands’ big and small lost perspective during lock-down.

Now, it’s over-statement and over-compensation.

Nope. Sorry. A Song Service ≠ Worship.


“Worship in a church service will never be more glorious than the Worship offered by your fully-surrendered life, and your times of Worship in a corporate setting will never be more fulfilling than your encounters with God in the Secret Place…”

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