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I’m going to step out on a limb and try an experiment.

Here is a link to the YouTube ‘session 6’ of the ‘Heaven Come’ 2017 conference/event, sponsored by Bethel Music.

I’m pretty sure the copyrights to all the songs belong to Bethel Music. Disclaimer: I don’t make any $$ thru this blog, so I hope there isn’t any issues in this arena using this.

The three main ‘lead worshippers’ are Amanda Cook, Jeremy Riddle and Steffany Gretzinger. The ‘band’ is the Bethel Music Collective.

My previous post, I called out that many, many things ‘went really well’ at this event… (see previous 9 25 2017 post)

I’ve watched the video a couple of times… first as a ‘wonderful remembrance’, then I watched it with the eyes of a long-time ‘lead worshipper’… and, I think that this video can be used as an excellent tutorial for large-scale, ‘Big Tent Worship Meetings’…



Question: Name/list 10 elements found in this video that exemplify excellence in putting on a ‘Big Tent Worship Meeting’…

Post them in the Comments to this Blog.

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