Are You Hearing These Explosions?

 (pic credit: a million lites ©2019 by crisbaj. Used with permission)

Kaaa – B O O M ! !

Whoa! There’s another one!

These explosions are… global… local… national… abroad… they’re happening all around the planet!

What is going on?

Wait! The numbers are coming in… there’s a pattern emerging! This is not some random occurrence of odd events.

These explosions are coming closer and closer together.

They are increasing in intensity.

There is a ‘person count’… oh my goodness, is there a ‘count’! There’s millions involved! Millions and millions of people!

Few people… very few… who are at the epi-center of one (or any) of these explosions walk away the same as when they walked in.


Most are permanently and forever changed… forever…

The tipping-point’s been passed… there’s momentum… exponential, not linear…

What’s going on??

This author is gonna call this the Great Global Explosions (GGEs).

Here’s the GGEs evidence, the massive scope, the enormous numbers affected in the US of A…

(in no particular order, cumulative numbers, and just a small representation):


Azusa Now gathering 2016                   70,000

Soul Survivor US (6 events)                   30,000

The Passion events (12 yrs)                   2,000,000

Hillsong events                              3,000,000

The Call (25 events)                      500,000

The Send gathering 2019                      60,000

Surrounded event 2018                        22,000

Tomlin 2Chron7 tours                          100,000

Matt Redman ‘worship nights’ tours      100,000

Delirious/Martin Smith tours                 500,000

Bethel tours + conference                     60,000

… and so, so many more….

              (yes, many people were at multiple events, but the number from above runs over 6.5 million people)

These have all eye-witness accounts of explosions and resulting phenomenon occurring during these events, as well as SO MANY others.

So many of these large gatherings have produced digital-audio-video recordings to either prepare everyone for the explosive events, or actual recordings of the explosions as they occur. Hillsong alone is responsible for 46 recordings, touching over 50 million people. [  ]


In 2012, there were 384,000 congregations in the United States (National Congregational Study). Over 8 million people form the ‘non-denominational’ block, and 140 million from denominational, Evangelical and Pentecostal-rooted traditions.

Millions of people in these congregations are coming together, crossing denominational and traditional boundaries to be together, with the vast majority of them reporting phenomenon.

Millions and millions, all on the smaller local-regional, local church level… and thousands of home-grown gatherings and get-togethers, where you can hear that sound… KA BOOM!

Artists have generated a massive amount of material to help people align with the explosions when they occur; example in that >3 million people sing material crafted by Chris Tomlin each week in local churches.

I can’t even begin to dig into the International numbers, they are SO mind-numbing…

This is a Global phenom.


This has been ramping up for a long time, many things leading up to the GGEs, many ‘plate-tectonic shifting’ events over the last century… the Welsh revival and the 150,000 conversions, the Charismatic renewal and estimated 500,000 lives changed, the Promise Keeper’s movement that touched over 3 million men over a 28-year run…

SO… what is going on?

What are these Great Global Explosions??

[and, for the purposes of Adore The Lord]… Is God-Adoration and Worship tied to all of this???

[Stay tuned for part II…]

written by crisbaj

[Post Script: One of my favorite Sci-Fi films is a 1965 work, ‘Crack In The World’, where a successive series of nuclear tests and a crazy science experiment forms a huge crack in the earth’s mantle… and eventually all the cracks form into an escape-hatch plate for the earth’s molten core to eject out into space… regardless what our hero’s do to stop it…

I think we’re in this critical ‘crack in the world’ moment, and the Molten Core is breaking out… and the world’s forces can’t do a thing to stop it!]

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[wait until you see Part II…. ]