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In this Blog, I am proposing that all the ‘Great Global Explosions’ of God-Worship and Adoration are the early stage of an un-Historic Revival and Awakening amongst the People of the Digital Age, leading to a more permanent Visitation and Habitation of the Lord.

It’s definitely ‘un-Historic’; while it’s end-points and outcomes are matching ‘historic’ revival… thousands coming to Christ, purity and holy living in the lives of Christians, the poor and forgotten touched domestically and globally… SO many of the methodologies and processes that have come to be associated with ‘classic’ revival will not be in play.


The Mystical Body of Christ is massively coming together (thousands and thousands) to WORSHIP together, regardless of Denominational Tribe. In this Revival and Awakening, WORSHIP and ADORATION is the context, with the resulting manifest Presence of God being the ‘mode of delivery’ of a massive atmospheric shift. These worship events and gatherings (the Great Global Explosions) are creating the quantum-matrix for the connection of God’s People to this new reality.

There is an element of this new Revival that may have not been experienced in previous/historic Awakenings… once the Church is Revived and Awake… what next?

Breathing deep in this atmosphere of ‘Visitation Worship’, that question is being answered by the Spirit, calling us to live in the reality of the Open Heaven and Kingdom that was the pin-turn of Jesus’ ‘message’.

We are being ushered into the Presence of God in all we do and all we are, and beginning to engage the ULTIMATE Great Commission… ‘Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done, on earth as it is in Heaven’.

Every scholarly post-game on Revivals will end with a painful point: there was an explosion, great things happened… then stuff happened there was focus-fade, the ‘Revival’ cooled off, and it had a terminus end-point.

[See http://patrickmorley.com/blog/2015/6/23/a-brief-history-of-spiritual-revival-and-awakening-in-america  by noted scholar Patrick Morley]

This un-Historic event, the Great Global Explosions may be setting up for something new… Revival and Awakening kick-starts, then moves to Visitation, which rolls into Abiding Presence, and a permanent Divine Habitation among the Church.

Revival and Awakening is just a step, a means-to-and-end, not the end-point.

The end-point is Divine Habitation, and a Church so electrified with the Presence of God that people get healed by our shadow passing over them when we walk by, because our lives and hearts are so over-shadowed by the God of the Universe every second of every minute of every hour of every day.


This may mean ‘American Church: business as usual’ is simply done. Period.

Another reason for this un-Historic pathway is that Heaven is invading Earth in the Digital Age. The vast majority of people in the world are now ‘digital natives’. Unfortunately, the Church operates as ‘digital immigrants, not grasping the massive cognitive and perceptual-receptive shift that has occurred.

All previous Revivals occurred prior to the Digital Age… ‘rotary-phone Revivals’. This Great Global Explosion is a ‘smart-phone Revival.’


God has opened Revival and Awakening to the American church by ‘massively showing up’ in the midst of the worship gatherings that are springing up like fresh winter wheat.

While maintaining the ‘core principles’ of historic Revival [see Reference/Notes below], this Revival will look and feel like nothing that has ever happened before… a ‘new thing’ Awakening for the People of the Digital Age.

Unlike previous Revivals, it seems that God is Sovereignly setting up this one in a way that no specific pastor, writer, leader, church, movement, denomination or church-media personality can claim “we were the Ground Zero for this Revival”… [as in, “ain’t we special??!?”…]. It’s exploding right in the middle of ALL of us, and only GOD can get the Praise and Worship…

Un-Historic… Revival and Awakening as a means to the end-point of Divine Habitation… the invitation of an Open Heaven to the People of the Digital Age…


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In 1736, Jonathan Edwards wrote of the surprising Awakening that exploded in his church:

“It pleased God…to display his free and sovereign mercy in the conversion of a great multitude of souls in a short space of time, turning them from a formal, cold, and careless profession of Christianity, to the lively exercise of every Christian grace, and the powerful practice of our holy religion.” [Jonathan Edwards, “A Narrative of Surprising Conversions,”]

This Revival showed the right DNA pack.

After a great deal of exploration and reading, here’s my raw set of

“Revival’s P’s”

Providence Poured in Plenty

[un-merited Grace, Mercy, and Provision in mind-numbing portions]

Penance and Repentance

[thousands of people become Christians through the Divine work of the Holy

Presence, Presence, Presence

[palpable, Divine manifestations by the Holy Ghost, revealing the Father
through Jesus]

Purity [Holy living, repentance, reconciliation, restoration on massive, communal level]

Passion for Worship and Prayer [insatiable, 24/7]

Passion for the Scriptures as Living Word

Practical Passion for People

[person-to-person evangelism, caring for marginalized, ‘doing justice’]

Purpose to Fulfill the Ultimate Commission [‘Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done, on Earth as it is in Heaven’ Matt 6:10]

Passionately Alive

[the messy kind… the ‘carnal’ issues that arise]

Permitted Season

[definite ignition point, definite terminus]

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Thanks again to Patrick Morley:

[See http://patrickmorley.com/blog/2015/6/23/a-brief-history-of-spiritual-revival-and-awakening-in-america


End… or, is this the Beginning??