From This to That… From Here to There

This and Here is where we are right now…we, the 21st century Church around the globe…

‘This and Here’ is WORSHIP having become a noun, a stage-band facing a gaggle of people (pews or floor, decor doesn’t matter) singing folk, pop and emo songs… some old familiar tunes, some new…

That and There is the new and next destination for the 22nd century Church

‘That and There’ is ADORATION the VERB displacing the ‘worship noun’…Biblically, individually and corporately.

Having worked in ‘Christian Music’ for decades, and actively working in ‘Modern Worship’, I see most of my compadres looking around at Here, and quietly asking, “What’s Next?”… knowing the “what’s next?’ simply cannot be some re-discovered music style, a new awesome song or a cool new light technology.

SO, the call of today is to unpack WHAT ‘This and Here’ really is… and move out towards the ‘What’s Next’ of ‘That and There’ in God and His Kingdom Come…

What is GOD saying about the ‘That and There’ of the “What’s Next?”… ???

(Disclaimer: NO, this is NOT a judgement or indictment on ‘This and Here’ of ‘worship noun’… God has used and blessed our ‘This and Here’… it’s about moving forward in God,  ‘it’s about going from good to GLORIOUS…)