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Demographics of Protestant Churches in America

To better understand ‘Worship and Adoration’ in the American church, we asked the question: What are the characteristics of where American Christians gather to worship?

We found a very clear body of data that was cross-confirmed through a number of studies.

First, here’s the set of data.

Don’t worry, will be ‘peeling apart’ the data as time goes on…



Of the +/- 314,000 US Protestant Churches:

Percentage Churches with 99 attendees or less:


Percentage Churches with 499 attendees or less:


Percentage of Churches with 500 attendees or more:


‘Mean’ number of people who attend a Church:

     75 people

‘Median’ number of people who attend a Church:

     184 people

Number of ‘mega-churches’ (>2000 attendees) 2015:

     1,667 churches

Percentage churches ‘non-denominational’ 2016:


Percentage of ‘non-denominational’ growth, 1976 to 2016:


Percentage largest 25 mega-churches as ‘non-denominational’ 2015:



TAKE-AWAY: Most of the churches in the United States are small… Part 2 will talk about Church-Goers, and… well, that’s where it gets really interesting…


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