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Quirky article I just have to share…

Humor can be a window into what a group commonly values and holds as important. Many times, what’s behind the jokes are tacit (‘unspoken knowing’) truths of that group. The ‘scape-goat’ of the joke is meant to be a cleaver mis-direction…

This funny bit really talks about what US church-goers value in Sunday gatherings.


Some ‘core concerns’ (like theology), but are Church gatherings now mostly about ‘what we get for our investment’… ‘it better be a really good concert!’???

Consumerism over Community?

[BTW… For the thousand times I’ve been one of the crew that will ‘show up at dawn to load in, set up gear, run a concert-level event called Church for a group… then pull it down, pack it away… until next week’ as a volunteer… over 40 years of being in ‘Sound Ministry’ at some level has proven to consistently be one of the most thank-less volunteer gigs I’ve ever done… Take-Away: show some love to your Church Sound Ministry peeps…]

Back-story on the photo: I was part of a Medical outreach to Trinidad awhile ago… Trinidanians have an odd obsession with KFC fried chicken… other American fast-food places did not do well there, but there are KFC’s everywhere, including beach-side in Port of Spain… and, oddly, lots of free-moving chickens all over the island… hmmm, I wonder if this guy knows he’s ‘up next’…

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Aug 28, 2017… pray for the people Houston…