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(pic credit: In The Light ©2017 by Tim and Tristan Curry. Used with permission)  (ATL) is launching the new ‘Profile” series.

Q: Have you ever wondered what Adoration and Worship actually looked like in the lives of the people seen in the Bible narrative?

The ‘Profile’ series will be a close-up look at distinctive persons and characters from the Scriptures in regards to the area of God-Adoration and God-Worship.

What did that look like? What were the sights, sounds, smells, songs…?

What were some of the surprising elements?

How did they worship?

Q: When you read the stories in the Scriptures, do you find yourself relating to the people in the stories? Do you sometimes feel a lack of connection with the characters, and what happened (be honest)?

We’ll also try to take a ‘wider view’, looking at context, circumstance, culture, complexity… all the things that press on all of us, things that look different on the outer skin but have a core that we can all relate to.

The ‘Profile’ series will be inter-spersed amongst the blog posts, and (hopefully!) be able to stand on their own ideas… in other words, you shouldn’t have to go see the previous movie to get this one.

Lastly, dear reader, if you think this writer ‘got it wrong’… say so! Dis-agree! Post comments! Let’s discourse!

(as always, any and all comments are totally appreciated!)


Onward with ‘Profiles’!


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