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Christine Caine teaching at

the 2018 Bethel School of Worship…

Get ready to be blown away as a ‘worship leader’.

‘Bullseye Caine’ hits it.

Here is a link:



(some notes…)

Anointing comes by crushing

Anointed –vs- Gifted

Discovered by men –vs- promoted by God

Light on you from men –vs- Light in you from God

‘Instagram’ instant-exposure –vs- Developed in God’s Darkroom

Visibility –vs- Significance

Famous –vs- Anointed

Talented and Tormented –vs- Anointed and ‘Only hat God can…’

Next big break –vs- God’s breaking for ministry and anointing

Obvious and talented one –vs- anointed one

Next thing (Hollywood) –vs- God’s New Thing (Kingdom of God)

Marketed by man –vs- marked by God

God’s crushing is to get rid of the junk, so that only His Presence will satisfy us

Discovered and Overnight Success –vs- God’s Journey

Self-limited Gifting –vs- Eternal Unlimited Anointed

Anointed –vs- Appointed

“If I’ve assigned you, I’ll find you” says the Lord

Developed in the Kingdom –vs- Discovered


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