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Dear Kanye West,

I am so grateful to hear that within the last few years, you’ve become a confessing Christian. Welcome to the family!

To say my social-media and internet sites are blowing up with news or commentary about you is under-stated. Your releasing ‘Jesus Is King’ and gigs have gotten a lot of band-width.

Being a media-breathing artist, I’m sure you’ve endured some heated words about all this.

This is not a ‘burn Kanye’ op-ed. This is, however, a map for you to not crash-and-burn, and how you can hang for the long haul.

I DO want to give you a solid map on how to go the long-haul in all of this, especially being you are SO ‘out in the marketplace’… the ‘church services’ and your ‘preaching’, and what comes of those, and WHY that exposes you to a different level of scrutiny, pressure, and accountability, especially from within the main-stream Christian church.

As a Christian, right up, you’ll have to ‘play along’ with the Church. You can dis-agree with much, you can be styled differently, but diss-ing the Church and starting your ‘own thang’ will mean disaster to you and your future… mainly from the Lord, who requires us to ‘behave in the family’ before He blesses it.

That multi-streamed flow called the Church is a channel of God’s grace and direction. Many have written off the mainstream Church in the past in favor of their ‘own’ sense of direction… to their total crashing failure.

Next, few of us will question your ‘confession of Faith in Christ’… I certainly don’t. Most of us will welcome your artistic expression of your Faith through records, songs and even concert performances.

No problem there.

However, when you begin to have events and tours that call itself ‘Church’, generated by you and your ‘posse’… when you put yourself and your troupe out there as leaders, or sources of sound doctrine and practice for the Church… that is a whole different League, and comes under a different scrutiny. It also leads to questions about your integrity, especially with what happens ‘after’ the events.

There is a long history of ‘famous people’… singer-songwriters, artists, musicians, movie and television actors and actresses… who, because they live and breathe in the public and media eye, believe they are automatically ‘leaders’, ‘movers and shakers’, ‘people with insight’, ‘influencers’… even ‘pastors’, ‘apostles’, ‘Church leaders’.

What happened to most of them? Crashed and burned, alot of messy junk, and reputation damage to the Church.

The Holy Scriptures, which is your new ‘rails to run in’, teaches that there is a ‘grow-up’ season to become a leader, and that takes time and is evidenced by proven-over-time character, not just a shift in philosophy. This level of maturity is then recognized by the wider Church, specifically Christian leaders around you. This doesn’t mean a mere public display of support for your art. Check out Galatians 1:11-24, 1 Timothy 5:17-22, the whole book of Titus… just to name a few.

Oh… maturity takes time; can’t speed-up the process, just like pregnancy and birth.

It’s very, VERY significant to note that two of the Scripture’s heavy-hitting characters who went on to be major leaders and Church-shapers… Moses and St Paul… both ended up ‘under-ground’ a long-time before God launched them into their influence-position.

Saint Paul, who experienced a major life-change like you, found himself ‘going under-ground’ for 3 years right after his conversion. The books of Galatians and Acts map this out. Majorly awesome things happened in those three years, to which he then went and privately met with the Church leaders, and then was fully released by those leaders into his place of leadership and influence… and blew up the known non-Jewish world with the testimony of Jesus.

Kanye, I’m going to directly ask you to drop out of the public eye for at least a year.

Meet regularly with a circle of male Christian leaders… even daily!… and allow yourself to be molded and shaped into the leader God can support and do incredible things through.

This is the core of Discipleship. Being a disciple of Jesus means you are being discipled (duh!).

Right now, the media is displaying THE one major sign that you have not been released by the Lord into the public ministry to host events and ‘Church’… your wife Kim has been beyond vocal in opposition to ‘your ministry’ on many fronts. This is nothing less than a fatal flaw to your future. You are far from unity in this.

It doesn’t matter if she stands by you publically at gigs…

Bro, do a ‘St. Paul gig’. Drop out for a year. Walk as a disciple under a couple of wise Christian leaders. Build a marriage with your wife and a family with your kids where the Presence of God is the atmosphere you breathe. Learn the Scriptures. Crave the pure milk of God’s thoughts and grow from new-born to teen (see  1 Peter 2). Become part OF a Church, dive deep, and prove that you can walk with the Body of Christ in proper relationship.

I’m sure you can $$ afford a year off of… as the Irish saying goes… “layin’ low, not layin’ about.” Get you and your family out of the sights of the Paparazzi. Like St. Paul, go hide in the mountains, if you have to.

Kanye, I want the best for you as a man, as a member of the Family of God, and the best for your marriage and family.

On your side,

Bro Crisbaj

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