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The Lock-Down Quarantine Worshiper

September 2020: 6 months into ‘pandemic lock-downs’.

Are we ready for another year? Mid-2021 at the earliest?


Through the arid, hot, can’t-be-with-my-friends wilderness that is COVID-19 “when will this all end??” is the question… people want to get back with other people.

Humans are social beings.

Regardless of all the “God will protect us!” proclamations by some gathering ‘rebel congregations’ around the country, many of us have heard a different Rhema Word from the Lord.

We, like many others are basically staying in a ‘pandemic lock-down isolation’ posture as much as possible.

(Besides, these rebels… did the Lord actually say it to them, or are they…?)

As many of us, as directed by the Lord, are mask-wearing, physical-distance-keeping, stay-at-home and watch church services on-line people who only go out to get groceries and occasional hardware-store runs…

…as the ‘lock-down God-worshipers’, what do we DO to ‘keep the fires burning’ when gathering together live isn’t a sound option for the next year… or more??

The Re-Occurring Question

All the worship blogs and Facebooks I read are asking: “If I and my spouse/family feel we shouldn’t go to church at this time…  we’re staying in strict quarantine, but… what should we do?”

Then usually something like… “it’s all so confusing, what’s safe and not safe!”


Hunkered-Down God-Worshipers

How do we ‘keep the worship lamp burning bright’ in this bleak pandemic, if you feel led to stay in quarantine?

[]Fear Not

Overall, don’t be afraid. It’s easier than you could imagine. Fear lies to you and tries to make it seem worse (2 Tim 1:6-12)

[]No Wrong Way

Remember, your Heavenly Father loves when you draw near to Him. There is not a ‘wrong way’ to spend time with Him.

Also, during these Quarantine times, in the Presence of the Lord, no masks are allowed, and distancing strongly discouraged.


God clearly expresses that He wants us ‘up in His face’. Ancient Hebrew didn’t have a distinct word we would call ‘presence’, and when you see it in your Bible translation as ‘presence’, it’s really the word for face (Strongs 6440, panim or paneh). Translators chose ‘presence’ or ‘before Me’ because the use of the ‘face’ word posed major grammatical problems.

It is a ‘scholarly-correct’ translation of the first of the Ten Commandments (Ex 20:3) that we all learned as ‘you shall have no other gods before Me’ to actually read, “you shall have no other gods (small g) between My face and yours”…


Humanity is not even half-way through the 2020 COVID-19 play-through…

Fortunately, no masks are allowed between us and our Heavenly Father, and distancing is not allowed in His Presence…

Part II (no tekk) and III (high-tekk) on the way…

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