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 [   ATL Series: Sing A New Song I   ]

<>Next Thing, New Song

Yes, it’s time. We are beginning to head into the Next Thing.

We, the global community, and, more on-point, the Church will be entering the outer atmosphere of the Next Thing very, very soon.

The Next Thing will not be anything like the Last Things (COVID19, Demonstrations) of the last 6 months.

If you’re not ready and well-connected to the Father, it’s hard to say what the Next Thing will mean for you… both you personally, and the church you are a part of.

The Next Thing coming will also mark the ramp-up of a powerful move of God that was hinted to in the Last Things.

That move of God is asking something of us right now.

It is asking for a ‘New Song’. “Sing a New Song”.

Sing it hard. Sing it loud. Sing it all over the place.

Sing, sing, sing.

This ‘New Song’ isn’t just a cool and captured worship song. It won’t come from any new recording by Bethel or Elevation or Hillsong or… [fill in your favorite ‘worship recording artist’].

No, there will not be a lyric/chord chart available.

This ‘New Song’ we are being asked for is something prophetic, something experiential, something that will come only when the Holy Ghost breathes new life on us. On you. On me. It will be crazy and spontaneous and very, very specific to each Worshiper and each circumstance.

Every city, every village, every town, and every neighborhood will have a New Song sent from Heaven. This Song is meant to be sung out, sung first in the Secret Place of Prayer, but then…  sung on front porches, sidewalks, street corners and house-tops.

As the song breaks out amongst those who incline their hearts to hear and capture the song, God-Worshipers will engage their instruments and voices to wildly sing it out.

It will initially sound very odd and not fit together well. As time goes on, it will begin to cross-resonate and match up, and will begin to fit together, until it truly becomes a global phenomenon.

<>Ruach-Wind Breath of God

There is an experience God-Worshipers will be having… it’s the experience of the Holy Spirit directly breathing onto them this New Song. Un-expectedly. Prophetically. Some will be musicians and ‘worship-leaders’… some not.

As the New Song breaks out upon us, we will hear the Lord say in our hearts how He is breathing His Spirit into us (John 20:22), and to prophesy to the breath, for it to come into all the fallen and slain in these difficult times, bringing them into health and wholeness (Ezek 27:9).

The Hebrew word used in Ezekiel, ruhi, is a form of the root word ruach. Like many Hebrew words, ruhi has multiple and layered meanings… wind, breath, breathe, and spirit (yes, God’s Spirit!). The Greek-New Testament word, Pnévma, has many of the same layered meanings. Interesting, the Greek word in John 20:22 where the Risen Christ ‘breathed’ upon the, emphusaó, is only used once is all of Scripture, with many scholars tying this ‘breathing into’ with the creative act of Genesis 2:7 (“And the LORD God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living being.” NKJV).

As this ruach-breath of the Spirit is breathed over and into us, we will begin to prophesy, “speaking to one another with psalms, hymns, and songs from the Spirit.” by sing(ing) and mak(ing) music from (our) heart to the Lord” (Ephesians 5:19 with adaptation), and the ‘New Song’ of Isaiah 42:10-12 will be heard in the whole land!

<>Nature Responding to The Father

The birds get it in this season.

A strange phenomenon of a totally new song being sung by white-throated sparrows in North America has recently captivated scientists…

(see article in The Atlantic

https://www.theatlantic.com/science/archive/2020/07/bird-song-sparrows/613768/   )

Nature responds to The Father, and anything He does.

They even begin singing songs that have NEVER been heard

Birds can move into A New Song… how about…??


Yes, it’s Time for the New Song… in the Next Thing!!

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