‘The Chosen’ is a modern TV-episode-styled serial program about the Life, Ministry and Message of Jesus [the Messiah] through the lives and experiences of the Disciples/Apostles and followers.

It was launched in April of 2019, and is soon to complete the release of Seasons 1 and 2, with a planned run of SEVEN seasons.

It’s good… really, really good… above and beyond the ‘buzz’ it’s becoming in churches, it’s binge-watch-worthy, it’s really quality story-telling and filming, and… and… and…

Best of all, to the world, it’s FREE.

Yep. FREE.

You can down-load the Chosen APP from your digital device’s APP store, and watch every episode… over and over again… FREE. (just go to your APP store and search out THE CHOSEN… download the APP… start watching)

No membership. No subscription. No ‘pay-per-view’.


They are also putting new episodes ‘up’ as they complete the editing process… and ‘up’ means on YouTube… FREE

There are ways to watch ‘The Chosen’ on your computer, or even ‘sync’ your digital device-APP to certain TV-capture devices [we watch everything ‘Chosen’ on our bigger TV sometimes…].

Yeah, DVDs can be purchased of the completed seasons, so that’s an option.

The on-line/APP episodes are sub-titled in multiple languages, and viewable world-wide on-line.

Bottom line… get bit by ‘The Chosen’ bug… start following… it’s FREE… and it’s top-notch quality.

written by crisbaj

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