Glory: Revival’s Destination

I’m reading a book highly recommended by Jeremy Riddle of the Anaheim Vineyard.

I have a suspicion this book is helping me ‘get’ a key to revival.

‘GLORY: Experiencing the Atmosphere of Heaven’ by Ruth Ward Heflin.

The mid-70’s Charismatic renewal was the ‘flow of the River’ Ruth was a part of, and the style of her writings could definitely make some modern ‘movement readers’… wonder what’s happening. In those days, our (Charismatic) community worship and life-style was all about ‘going after God’s Glory’.

We were all learning a whole new direction to live towards, and like any new adventure, a lot of baby steps.

God’s Glory is revival’s destination, and Ruth helps unpack some of the ways that works in a ramp-up to revival.

I just love her simple road-map in the front of the book:

“Praise… until the spirit of worship comes.

Worship… until the Glory comes.


Stand in the Glory!”

Ruth Ward Heflin



Highly recommended.

The idea of ‘sewing into Heaven’, based on Hosea 2:21-23 is kinda cool.

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