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Pitching the Tent of David?

Welcome to the PREFACE of a new AdoreTheLord Blog series: Tent of David.

Here’s the deal: so, so many involved in modern worship ministry have NO IDEA of the Global Phenomenon that is doing a slow-but-sure explosion, now in 125 countries around the world, on all continents and world-regions, and involving around 20,000+ groups and gatherings, representing MILLIONS of Christians participating*.

It actually started about 1000 BC, continued into the early 100’s AD, then… started sparking up in the 1700’s, and has continued to grow and grow.

It’s more than a worship style, a song approach or a church-service practice.

The type of worship is called many things: ‘Davidic Worship’, ‘Tabernacle Worship’, ‘Harp and Bowl Worship’… and by a number of descriptors: extravagant, abandoned, encounter with the Manifest Presence, face-to-face with God…

The shape of this worship and movement come under a variety of names: ‘Tabernacle of David’, ‘Tent of David’, ‘David’s Tent’…


I have been a part of a variety of these ‘Tent of David’ gatherings, engaging ‘Harp and Bowl’ worship.

One thing for sure… when I finally walked out of the gathering [and many times, it was still going and going…]… I was not the same person who walked in.


This series of Adore The Lord blogs will be an attempt to put forth a PRIMER for those who are just coming into the movement.

I will try to give some references to look up, when applicable.

Here is the PLAN for these Blogs:

1 Intro

2 Focus, Focus

3 Harp n Bowl

4 Biblical History OT[a]

5 Biblical History OT[b]

6 Biblical History NT

7 Modern History

8 Revival Ramp-Up?

Let’s do this!


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1 the data comes from Pete Greig and Dave Roberts, but has also been confirmed by Lou Engle, Dick Eastman and supported by Mike Bickle (2021)