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<>Focus on Outcomes

Editorial Note: Before we get buried in ‘Tent of David’ history and detail, I would like to SAY SOMETHING to the brothers and sisters involved in theTent of David Movement.

Ya’ll get to listen in.

<>Focus on Outcomes… Please…

Dear Tent of David Movement,

Before I offer one important ‘adjustment’ that is needed in this wonderful movement, I just want to say…

… let’s keep pursuing this thing called ‘Tent of David’ worship!

I am excited to be a part of Church history in the making.

I am excited to be a ‘Tent of David’ person!


OK, repeat after me…



Process (or processes) – the things we DO towards a particular goal, or hoping for a particular outcome.

Outcome – what really happens in the end.

Example: I changed my diet. I now make a list of needed healthy groceries, and I go shopping.

I prepare the food, and we eat… a lot of salads, less soda…

Basically, my doctor now says I am healthier because of a healthier diet.

Process: decision to eat healthy, lists, shopping, prepare, eat.

Outcome: I am healthier… there are even measurements!

What ‘adjustment’ do I want to offer the Tent of David movement? Simple.

Focus on David’s Tent ‘Main Thing’ outcomes.

David’s Tent Process: create access, create events, create atmospheres, secure locations, worship-worship-worship, creative arts, music, dance, flags, paintings, 24/7, fly in well-known musicians, get people involved, gather people, camp… etc…

David’s Tent Outcome: personal and corporate Encounters with the Manifest Presence of God, leading to revival and renewal, a significant increase of the Indwelling Presence in God’s people (personal and corporate)

The needed adjustment: Focus on the outcomes!

David’s Tent is really simple in its’ processes. We gather, expectant. We begin to worship. We press in. We sing. We kneel. We cry out. Sometimes we have music. We read Scripture. We let the Holy Spirit speak to us. We follow His leading. He shows up. We express worship in the arts. We worship.

We go at it for hours, days, weeks, months and years.

So much of what is written about by Tent of David people is about process: methodology, logistics, about how-to, about locations, about events, about who’s-who, about other [peripheral] things.

A great deal is being written about process.

The Church and the people who need an Encounter with God need to hear about the outcomes.

Keep a clear focus on the Main Thing, the reason we pursue, which are the Outcomes of personal encounter and breakthrough, a new Visitation of God, revival and renewal, and ‘on earth as it is in Heaven’.

Thanks for listening.

Brother Chris


Whoever has ears, let them hear what the Spirit says to the churches.

Rev 2:29

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