**Intro thought: Statistics are numbers that are part of a story. They are not the entire story. They are not ‘good’ or ‘bad’ in themselves, but they contribute to our conversations.

Definition: ‘Modern Worship Industry’ refers to a sub-set of the Music Industry in the United States and other ‘Developed’ countries that is dedicated to the writing, recording, presenting and promoting artists and music that would be deemed suitable by many Christian churches for use in their congregational and devotional gatherings. ‘Worship Music’ are the songs and musical works that are products of that Industry.

<>The Gospel Music Association (GMA), a business organization that promotes and encourages the artists and recordings of ‘gospel’, ‘Christian’ and ‘worship’ music now estimates that ‘Worship’ occupies over HALF of all GMA-related music (GMA, 2016).

<>Billboard, the Music Industry ‘trade organization’ that tracks many aspects of the music industry identifies that 6.6% of all music ‘units’ purchased (CDs, DVDs, digital, other formats) are ‘Gospel’ related. This reflects impact within the entire music industry (2015).

<>There are 600+ radio stations in the USA that have dedicated Christian music formats, with ‘worship’ music heavily represented (GMA, 2015).

<>One of the ‘global giants’ of the ‘worship music’ sub-set, Hillsong ministries of Australia reported over $70 million US Dollars worth of sales internationally in 2014 (Billboard, 2016).

<>Billboard reports that Gospel/Christian music (including worship music) sold 17.36 million units in 2014 (Billboard, 2015).

<>It is estimated that the overall 2015 income of Gospel/Christian (and worship) music was  +/- $500 million USDollars (Billboard, 2016).


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