Arms stretched wide

very very wide

wide open

exceeding ninety degrees

both right and left

nailed, yes but willing, giving

the greatest giving ever

‘yeah, got ’em now’, they thought

…how wrong they were!

Look! The Father-pleasing son in adoration

See! The Master bowing to His Father’s call

What? Creator of the planet dying on his own hand-crafted wood

Oh! Pure love becomes garbage to pay the impossible price

Yes! The impossible chasm can now be crossed

Marvel! His last breath, he curses not

Wonder! He offers it all in adoration to the One He loves


The entire Universe pauses in awe

every angel stops in amazement

every demon gasps in horror

“Father, it’s complete. I’m all Yours”

(last gasp, then silence)


every angel falls facedown in adoration

every demon screams in pain

God of God, Light of Lights awe-struck, breathless

“Truly you are my Son”

“This, for them, so they could be with us”



TAKE-AWAY: Ultimate Worship in the History of the Universe: Jesus and the Cross



Col 1, Heb 12: 1- 3, Rom 12:1-5


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