[This is the Intro/Preface to a Series called Tabernacle Worship]

This is a crazy story on so many levels.

Eternal and Infinite God wanting to have some guys build a Chest so we can learn about Him and how HE dwells with us.

Omnipresence wanting to create ‘a special space’ among a prickly and fickle group of people He specifically identifies with.

Explosions of fire, light, clouds, earth-quakes… on a quiet day. Physical manifestations of a Divine Presence.

Instances of total victory and enormous favor that had connections to that crazy Chest… then an entire nation of people who couldn’t care less about the Chest, or the Infinite God Most-Most who said He kept a permanent address with that box.

The story thread that yells loudly that this God Most-Most wants to have a face-to-face relationship with us. Yeah, us.

One thing for sure; every-one who wants to dig deep into God-Worship and God-Adoration in our day has to spend some time in this Old Testament story of the ‘Chest of God’ (Eugene Peterson’s word-craft), and it’s foot-print in the worship of the New Testament .



I am SO grateful that I’m finally… finally!… released by the Holy Ghost to write this series of Blogs. I have spent hundreds of hours studying, reading, praying, seeking, listening… and just a bit stuck on trying to fully capture what it means for our worship and adoration.

I’m almost afraid to write these Blogs; I am bound to fail [miserably] expressing the majesty and mystery and wonder of all that this story Arc means.

We are going to take a unique journey from the base of Mount Sinai to David’s tent-flaps outside of Jerusalem to the Cross of Jesus and see His tearing open Heaven for all of us.

We’re going to look at a massive and important Biblical prophesy that God set in motion over 2500 years ago, and is moving to fulfillment today. Yes, today.

More than anything, in the end, it’s really not about Fire and Chests and Two Tents… this crazy story shows us His burning desires for un-hindered connection and relationship.


So, it all started with something (actually) written in stone, and God telling some guys to build a Chest…

[btw, to put this in church-speak, we’re going to look at Tabernacle Worship, the Ark of the Covenant, the Tent of Meeting, the Tabernacle of David, and God’s desires regarding our Encounters with Him… today…]

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