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THE FOLLOWING is an edited transcript of a portion of the message by Pastor Bill Johnson (Bethel Church in Redding, CA) given to the School of Worship 2018.

This bit totally blew me away; I hope it does the same for you.

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As a young man, I was so impacted by Ezekiel chapter 44 and what it teaches about priests, who have to minister to God and minister to people.

I prayed, “God, I give you the rest of my life for You to teach me about this one thing; why would You want us to come and minister to You?”

We have the privilege of ministering to God Himself… but why? Why does the Lord want us to come and minister to Him? He’s not insecure. He’s not in need of us boosting His confidence. He’s not fearful about His identity. God is not struggling with any of those things… Why, then, would God want me to come and declare to Him His greatness and His significance…

Why then would He want me to come and give a sacrifice… that step beyond convenience… and give Him thanks, even ahead of personal breakthrough? Why would He want that?

The answer is rooted in the reality that every decision of God’s is made out of love, and His love chooses the best. God wants what is best for me.

So, this leads us to ask the question, “how, then, is ministering to the Lord the best for us?” How is it the best for you? How is it the best for me?

Here’s why; God-worship is the best for us because we always become like whatever we worship, and God could want nothing better for us then to become like Him…

In the Presence, in His Glory, in the opportunity to minister to Him, we are changed, to become like Him.

When He spoke that word to me, I bowed my head and committed to Him so He could teach me that one thing…


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