Yeah, it’s been a tough season.

My apologies to all you AdoreTheLord blog-readers, it’s been a season of sporatic and dis-connected Posts.

“You, LORD, keep my lamp burning; my God turns my darkness into light.” (Psalm 18:28)

“…though the bush was on fire, it did not burn up.” (Exodus 3:2)

I’ve been learning what being ‘lit up’ by God is all about… He lights us up and sets us ablaze… we become the burning Lamp of the Presence… we become the burning bush that God inhabits… fire tests our motives, burns away the impure and insignificant… burning and on-fire, but not burned up or burned out… how darkness gathers around the light and tries to overcome it… how He always turns dusk and night into His dawning over us… “man, it’s gonna be quite the sunrise!”

SO… new season of this Blog… more consistency… sorry for the gaps… in-between all the insanity of this last year, I’ve been ‘deep-diving’ the Scriptures, walking down all new pathways of God-adoration, scribbling notes and thoughts along the way… the Tabernacle of David, the ‘Box of God’ (the Ark of the Covenant), the ‘torn veil’ in the Temple, the new exploding 24/7/365 worship movement… and what that all could mean for you and me… I’m still spinning from all that God has brought into my day-to-day life with all these things in my life…

…you may need Son-glasses when this one bursts over the horizon!