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Encounter, Experience

When a Worshiper (John 4:21-26) worships, what happens?

Yes, when a Worshiper worships, there is an encounter with God… Father, Son and Spirit (Trinity).

Yes, it is a ‘worth-ship’ experience… He is God, I am not, He is worthy

I know that, as a Worshiper worshiping, I am stepping into my Identities that the Father [thru the Scriptures] tells me that I am.

I’ve found three critical ‘Identities’ {I’m looking for more]:

[1] Adopted Son of God (Romans 8:14-17, 2Corinthians 6:18)… [Daughter if you’re a gal],

[2] Priest (Exodus 19: 3-6, 1Peter 2:9) and

[3] Father-Worshiper (John 4:21-26).

So today, in pre-rehearsal worship band ‘carpet time’, when we are all praying for help and getting our hearts in line to lead God’s people into a place of Encounter with Him, I felt the Lord tell me that when Worshipers enter in, there is… exposure, transactions, access… that IN worship, and only in the Encounter of worship, we get to EXPERIENCE some things.

He told me to write ‘em down… I did, in no specific order.

Encounter, Experience…




^our true selves













^clear information

^Cloud of Witnesses


^the real Church


^really real

^real atmosphere

^clear road ahead


^real food

^a clear sound

^real music

^songs of heaven















^the way

^the Way

^the Truth

^the Life







^the Word



^things falling off that don’t belong on me









^everything my heart has ever longed for



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