Worship-Church Gathering After Quarantine

Get ready, worship leaders and pastors. The post-COVID epoch is coming by years-end 2020.

What’s that gonna look like for you?

Just crank up the ‘old-fashioned, just like we did before’ thing?

That’s what many, many are saying on-line…

After limping along for weeks/months by adding a camera feed and streaming/posting with a pared-down church staff/band doin’ a gig to an empty room… whadda ya gonna do?

<>Camera Feed vs On-Line Church Community

Many have added a camera feed to the usual presentation of a song-service, band kickin’ thru a set, and a preacher-at-a-‘pulpit’. Who could have foreseen the rapid pivot needed to address congregation connections with the near-immediate imposition of a quarantine? Millions of churches and congregations in the USA (and abroad!) suddenly acquired a few streaming cameras and figured out the on-line platforms… who spoke ‘Zoom’ until March 2020?… and that’s where we’re at.

CHECK-POINT: Don’t confuse a ‘camera feed being streamed’ as a true ON-LINE PRESENCE, let alone a shift to a true ‘On-Line Church Community’!

I commend a blog to you by pastor Benjamin Windle from down under, un-packing this complex issue, entitled ‘Why live streaming is not the full answer for churches during COVID-19’



More than just asking ‘what are we doing now?’, he begins un-packing how the church has been running the majority of its’ operations in ‘analog’ mode (ie, old-school tekk) supplemented with a web page… and that only a select few ministries have moved into the true ‘digital-online’ world.

Now before you go ‘man, we’re now streaming, that makes us digital!’, here’s the kick: having all kinds of church content on-line makes NOT a ‘digital church’ operation.

CHECK-POINT: True ‘digital, On-line Church Community’ means learning to navigate real-life twenty-first century relationships with real, actual-physical-contact living life together, and on-line is part of the glue.

Yeah, oxymoronic… but true.

I comment Pastor Windle’s brilliant blog to you.

<>Sanctuary Layout Now Obsolete

This one is going to be incredibly hard for many, many to accept, but…

Thought-leaders are SERIOUSLY considering the scrapping the traditional ‘sanctuary-platform’ with a group of theatre-seated congregants staring at the back of heads while watching…

…and moving their layout into the post-COVID-19 into a more Biblical-gathering layout… like a family table, like a Jewish house in 30 AD home-group, like a crowded synagogue in the time of Paul…

AdoreTheLord Blog has explored how we have a layout issue with our modern gatherings…


<>In the Round Works


Thanks to Gary Carnaham for showing how his small Illinois church is going for layout that facilitates relationship, communication, personal connection… and how they are going to change formats to enhance this layout…

<>Ya Gotta Move Furniture

For many congregations, the massive cost of the pews has resulted in being chained to a congregation format that is so not-useful in the post-COVID19 whatever-this-is.

Think about re-working around a central point in the room, and make it a place JESUS is exalted.

<>Seek The Lord

Assuming that ‘goin’ back to old faithful’ is the rhema Word of the Lord for your congregation could become a choice for your congregation to go the way of the record player.

What’s the Lord saying to your congregation?

Assumption is a really bad spiritual trait.

IF the Lord clearly says to return to ‘business as usual’, then do that. However, what IF God says…


It takes courage to go to the Lord, receive a clear ‘new thang’ Word, and embrace needed change. Ask Joshua about the Jericho campaign (Joshua Ch 4 thru 6), and Jehoshaphat about the Tekoa war (2 Chron 20). Who, in their right mind, would put a worship band at the ‘tip of the spear’ of the military?

Who, in their right mind, would mess with the furniture and layout of the sanctuary?

One thing for sure: no going back pre-COVID19.

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It’s 10 April 2020, and they’re saying it might be MID MAY before quarantine is lifted!!