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Location Check (Quarantine wk 44)

How ya’ll doin in week 44 of our Quarantine?

Time for a ‘location check’! Call it a GPS moment, call it “I’m right here on the Mall-Map of Life”, call it a heart-check…

Here it is:

…since the beginning of the weirdness of ‘COVID Quarantine’ 44 weeks ago… 44 weeks later… are you closer to JESUS?

Are you?

Where you at? Week 44, many more to go… where you at??

Are you experiencing:

       *a greater level of His Presence?

       *a clearer ability to hear His voice?

       *a quicker ‘entering in’ to worship and devotion?

       *a deeper hunger and diet of His Word, the Scriptures?

       *a faster capacity to tap into His grace and mercy for each day?

       *a deepening practice of praying for people and situations?

       *a greater patience and willingness to connect with people struggling thru the same things you are?

       *a greater generosity with resources to those in need?

       *an amplified awareness of KING JESUS being ever-present?



I keep hearing the words ‘Missed Opportunities’… and

“Many looking to My Feet, to see where I’m going.

Many looking to My Hand, to see what I’ll provide, or what I’ll do.

Many looking to my Rod and Staff, to see where I’m pointing.

But some… some… have looked into My Face, straight into My eyes, and they found a totally different place to be…

Friend, it’s not too late! Get into the Secret Place, open the Word, open your heart, cry out…

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