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In the middle of this tough Quarantine, I am in total AWE of the LORD and His goodness.

So many things are SO much harder. Such is life in quarantine.

God has been SO good.


He has been SO present.


He has answered SO many prayers and requests.


I miss my friends and acquaintances, I miss live church gatherings, I miss live music… but God has poured out extra measures of GRACE and MERCY and KINDNESS to help me deal with ‘Zoom and Stream-fatigue’.


As we’ve been pressing in for guidance and direction, especially how to navigate in the middle of COVID, He has poured out SO MUCH.

He told me back in March, “Ask daily, and I’ll guide daily.” He totally has… I’ve kept track. Daily. It’s been so amazing. It’s been such a weird and wild Journey with King Jesus.


I’ve learned a lot about communion. I’ve learned that He calls me to come to the Table, His Table. For me, He puts a song in my head that I can’t get out, and uses it as my ‘call to come to His Table’. I stocked up on oyster crackers and grape drink-mix drops, and in the ‘secret place’, I enter into communion. He’s always waiting for me, and always has something to say when we’re there.


I’ve come to find out that His Table is always set up in front of my enemies. It’s taken some getting used to. He beckons me to the table, then He sits down with me. Right there, across the table, at a distance, are my enemies… fear, anxiety, doubt, frustration, failure, and… and… [fill in the blank]. Then He and I, in the atmosphere of Heaven and the billions of Saints and cloud of witnesses… we are filled with His goodness… and my enemies have to sit and watch in stunned silence and total rage.


I am AWED by the King of Heaven. All Praise and Glory to You, my King!


A book on communion that rocked my world is Benni and Bill Johnson’s ‘The Power of Communion’.

It was a new thing to break into taking communion frequently, and accessing the special Grace that the Lord has at that Table.

It seemed odd that ‘communion’ was to be taken along-side the ‘corporate context’… but I’ve come to see it as along-side, not to take the place of.

Communion is a Holy Moment that we are invited to by King Jesus.

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